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Sun, Sep. 13th, 2009, 04:55 am
True blood grrr

Ugh! True blood I'm so fucking annoyed with you. I've just been catching up with it. Finished season 1 and I've got like 3 episodes left of season 2. So if you don't want to be spoiled for anything before that leave now... but I assume anyone who cares has already seen it.

I'm pissed that they killed Godric... and its completely ruined the show for me. I mean I know it happened in the books. But it wasn't this big thing in the book. The character barely registered on your radar on the book. It was just some random vampire that saved sookie. Now in the show they have to go and make him Eric's maker and expand on his character. Only to go and kill him! Grrrrr not cool. I hate how they did it 2. After all this build up on their relationship they have eric on his knees begging Godric not to kill himself. And he ignores him and just orders him back in. I think that was majorly out of character. I don't see Godric being that cruel even through all his pain. Then don't get me started on Sookie... they just had her sit there and watch!!! wtf. I mean with how sassy and fired up this girl is suppose to be and seeing eric beaten down after this I really think it would have been more in character for her to say something. Grrr the whole thing just makes me mad.

Even though I hated the scene... or at least how it ended it was pretty heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. From the lightening to Godric and Eric's interactions and even Sookie's little speech which didn't help and not how I think it should have gone..... the whole thing was just really gut wrenching. I'm not sure how I'm going to watch the rest of the season to be honest. I feel like that was the season finale. Its just so weird how they made a sub plot in the book bigger than the main plot. The whole maryanne thing is just getting old.

As for the books I'm getting annoyed with those as well. I don't like how all of a sudden she's interesting in this random Quinn dude. I think I'm on book 6 now. Book 5 was incredibly boring.. and I don't have much hope for the rest. I don't particularly care about the shapeshifters and what not. I just want Bill and Eric... these other characters I don't care about. I need to find another book to read to cheer me up. This just isn't doing it for me. Ok yea I really need to go to bed heh.

Thu, Mar. 19th, 2009, 03:14 am
Puppy and Show

So I have a decent amount to report... I suppose that happens when you neglect your livejournal. Life has literally just been crazy lately though. First and foremost I can't believe I didn't report this sooner... but in January I adopted a new dog. I went to the shelter to check out the dogs they had and they had a few cutes one but they all had holds on them. I found one I really liked but he had a hold on him so I was extremely disappointed. It was kind of heartbreaking because I fell in love with him right away. He looked like the dog from 7th heaven.

So I kept going back everyday because that place is literally insane. Like you have to go in the morning to put a hold on a dog that comes in that day in order to get it. Otherwise there will already be holds on them. So yea I went back a few times but either the dogs had holds on them or they weren't what I was really looking for. Finally I found two dogs I liked that didn't have holds. I put holds on both so that I could have some more time to decide. Both were terrier mixes one brown with a long back. Then the other looking more like a white west highland terrier. I wasn't sure at first because I was looking for a more shaggy type dog... but I eventually decided on the westie. We took him home and he's the cutest little boy ever. He's about 3 yrs old according to the shelter. He's a big teddy bear and loves to cuddle. He actually gets along really well with Bunnie. They play all the time and yes get into fights about chewtoys but its play fights. He was really well behaved for the first week we had him. To the point where he wouldn't get on chairs or the couch. Now he's gotten really comfortable and is getting in some trouble. He likes to chew EVERYTHING include shoes books couches pillows... so on. He's still awesome and I really feel a deep connection to him. I definitely feel like I'm getting a connection like I had with Buddy. I just wish he was a little more well behaved. I'm really going to have to work on that when I have more time.

School has been going a lot better lately. It's stressful and I'm busy as hell but I don't feel quite as lost. I'm starting to find my stride again which kind of sucks because its getting close to the end. I still can't believe I'm graduating so freaking crazy. I know I'm going to miss after a few months and I'm like hey why aren't I starting school in august???? I've been feeling more comfortable with the people around me. In spanish I've started talking to this girl and we are working on a project together. We pretty much spend the class in confusion trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Then she'll try and sucker me into answering shit. From Senior Seminar Corey asked me if I wanted to go eat lunch with her today. We talked and it was pretty nice. I mean we've talked before but this time we like exchanged numbers and said we should go to the beach or the movies sometime. I just wish I had the time lol. Works been as busy as ever. I work everyday except wednesdays unless I ask for a day off. It's been really hard to balance school work *especially my show and shooting* with work. I think I need to start taking another day off until I graduate just to give me some breathing room in the busier time of the school semester... because you know everything will be due towards the end.

Speaking of work they started doing layoffs. They layed off Randi! I can't freaking believe it. She was such a nazi about doing things right and staying until 12 to get the store perfect. The day before she was layed off we had were there past 1am getting the store looking good for the people visiting the next day... who ultimately layed her off I guess. There's just something wrong with that. I mean she wasn't my favorite person but I still felt bad. I hate to see people lose their jobs. Nehemie also was layed off which I'm more torn up about. I feel horrible for her... and I miss her. We were just kinda getting to know each other. It's just pretty crazy.

We had our first senior review the other day. I was a little nervous because I remember Megan doing hers and she was all stressed after it. She had felt like they ripped her apart. I'm a retard and forgot my photos on the table *bangs head*. Dude how stupid can you get? I spent the whole night before printing them out and getting them ready only to forget them! Luckly my momma was able to bring them and I made it just in time. Phew. That was lucky because I really wanted to get some feedback even if I was nervous. The Graphic Designers went first at this stage all they have are like concepts and drawings so its very hard to visualize. I'll look forward to seeing more of what they have. Then the photo students went and I went first I dunno how that happen. I just explained that I'm doing night photography focusing on dramatic lightening and architecture. I got about 7 images that they really liked. Which I pretty much agree those are the stronger ones. Tom said that "I can sure make this dump of a city look good" So I actually thought that was a really nice compliment lol. They basically told me to shoot a little more maybe get some more movement photos and look for dramatic spots. So I felt pretty good about it afterwards. Definitely better than how I was feeling earlier in the semester. It's shaping up to be a nice show and something I'm proud of which is kind of shocking. Usually I just do shit to get it done but this I'm really liking. I just hope I can 3 to 5 more images that can work in because I want at least 10. After the photo students went there were 2 art students. Crazy Rachel went... and yea I just don't get art. All she's doing is clipping magazine pictures together and making collages of gardens... which by the way someone did last year and did it a whole lot better because it was seemless. I just don't get collage when your not using your own images. It just feels like to me like copying someone else. Then ritas doing a type of collage as well though I think it will be more interesting when it's more finished.

I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that everyone pretty much feels insecure. Like I was feeling pretty shitty about my work at one point. This was before I had the images I'm using in the show at this point... but I was talking to one of the girls and she was like I liked what you showed today I just feel like what I'm showing is so much worse than what everyone else is showing... and I liked what she had shown. I know that some of the other people felt the same way about their work. So it made me feel better to realize I wasn't the only one who felt this. I dunno I guess misery loves company lol. But as I said I'm feeling good about it now and just have to get a few more to go with it.

I feel like I'm in a good spot. I'm definitely not the least behind which is a nice change. I think most of us are going to end up with some good pieces. I like Laura's work so far. She's still shooting but she's doing portraits of people who smoke. The images so far have been cool with the smoke element. She's just got to shoot more. We haven't seen a ton from her. Candice is doing military portraits. Some of them are pretty cool but for me its just not my thing... but its very candice. Then the Japanese girl *and I suck cuz I don't know her name...* is doing abstractions which I like a lot. She's printing them small which I really like so you are going to have to get up close. I love Larkeisha's work. She's doing dancers and movement and she's awesome. She's getting an MFA though so I guess I should be jealous of her work lol. Geco is doing martial arts and some spanish dancing. Then Krista is doing a stripper lol. She's got a few cool images but I'm so sick of this girl. The class is like the krista show half the time... because its a catholic university so slivia and her are constantly arguing over what can go up on the wall. She's ALWAYS whining. She felt all offended because at the critique someone mentioned that workers might get off on the work because its happen before. What the heck does she expect.... ITS STRIPPERS. I mean don't get me wrong she's got a few images that I really like... but you've also got to understand that all the graphic photos just aren't for this venue it sucks but its life. There's one image that she loves and wants it in the show so bad... I don't underatand it I don't think its that good an image. It's a girl dancing and a guys legs... I dunno. That one I just dcn't get. I think she's going to get a lot of "why did you do this" at the show. To each his own though. That's what arts all about. I just hate the complaining. It sucks but dude you had to know this would happen at a catholic university.... hell at any university.

In show news I was thinking about my favorite characters from different shows... and I just like the bitchy mean snobby characters lol. House is probably one of my favorite characters and he's obviously pretty mean. Then I love Blaire from Gossip Girl who is a bitch but how can you not like her. Then Gabby's my favorite from desperate housewives. She's freaking awesome. Then of course Chef Ramsey... which he's kinda a real person but he's still mean and awesome. So yea not sure what that says about me... but its just a random observation lol.

Alright well I think that's it for now. Until next time.

Thu, Feb. 12th, 2009, 01:32 am
So so tiiiired

I am just always tired. There is not enough time to do everything I need to and sleep. It's been stressful and I haven't even had that much work to do yet. Its hard to find time and motivation to shoot photos. I have to do it though because hello show needs to get done *sighs*. Yea I really need to find some inspiration. I've also been sick the last week with a killer cold so that knocked me on my ass. No fun at all. I ended up handing in my art history paper late... I never hand in papers late. He said he wouldn't mark it down though cuz I've been sick. Yes Dan is awesome like that. I've also had a decent amount of hours at work which has been eating up time as well. I've been working everyday except wednesday so it's hard to get shit done. It's also not easy having no day off for yourself. I'm not even sure how I ended up with all these hours. Its basically Nora William and myself working in Cafe. Mary and Sivan both only got like one day this week. In the words of Nehemie... "What kind of deal did you make to get all those hours in cafe... Those poor other cafe workers" lol I was like I know! I dunno why! Borders isn't doing so hot though. They cut back our store hours so we close an hour eariler. Good for me since I don't have to be there until 12 anymore.

In other news I bought an Epson Printer. I'm pretty excited about it. I figured it'd be easier to have a printer at home than finding time to go to the lab. Plus once I'm done school I won't be able to go to a lab. It's suppose to be here on friday. :) I've been reading the True Blood series books. I'm still on the first one but almost done. I'm really likeing them so far. It's kinda like a more mature Twilight.

So I sat down tonight to watch the two Heroes episodes in my tivo... when I realized I have no fucking clue whats going on. Hiro didn't have any powers wtf... how'd that happened. So I realized I must have missed an episode somehow. So I checked online and sure enough somehow back in December I missed 2 episodes! dude! No wonder I haven't seen that show in forever!!! So I'm caught up in that I've seen all of arc 3. I think overall it was better than season 2 however there are some things that really bug me. First off the whole Sylar's goodish one minute bad the next got old fast. I dunno I think they were trying to make a point about how all people can be good and bad or something but yea... They just seem to really fuck with his character for a while there. On the other hand I liked Elle and him. I think they could have been a fucked up killing couple or something... but then they had to go and kill her boo. And she was like the best new character.

The whole people losing their powers got old fast as well. This is a show about people with powers... so that's what I want to watch. Thank god Peter finally got his back because I was getting annoyed... but now Hiro lost his good grief *rolls eyes*. I gotta say I really loved Hiro's mother for some reason. I found the scene where she died to be very sad. I felt really bad for Hiro in that moment

I think all that can be forgiven... but how they have really fucked up is with Nathan's character. At this point I just don't even understand what he's doing.... he wants to lock people with powers up? Himself? His brother? Mother? Everyone he knows? WTF Maybe it's explained further in the episodes that have aired or future ones but I still say wtf where did that come from. First he wants to help Peter stop their father, then he wants to give people powers, now he wants to lock them up!?!!? They are just really fucking around with his character. I've never seen him as being evil or bad. In prior seasons he's just been manipulated by other characters... However the ending really didn't sit well with me. He basically said he would have killed Peter. Which I find crazy. I mean yea they may have had opposing views before but they have always cared for each other. I just don't think you can flip a switch like that and be like ok now I'm killing you. He mourned his brother's death for months after he exploded... for god sakes the man grew a willy mammoth on his face! So yea I really don't know what the fuck they are doing to Nathan. I hope they fix it in the future because I really don't see him as an evil character and one that would kill his brother... but knowing this show they will just kill him off anyways.

Sat, Jan. 17th, 2009, 03:53 am
Fish out of water...

So I'm back in florida. Mass was good but cold. I ended up getting to see Ari on friday. We went to see Bride Wars and then just chatted for a while. It was nice because despite being in different cities and places I at least still felt a connection. To be honest I was a little worried things might have changed. I miss her. I was glad I got to see her, Jess and Amanda. They are good friends that I wished lived closer. I really hope Amanda moves back to Miami after she is done school. *crosses fingers*. Visiting the family was good as well. We did a lot of snowboarding wiing which was fun, ate way too much food, and had a good time. I miss them as well.

We moved into the new house. It's nice. The best part is definitely the backyard to let Bunnie out and the pool area. We still need to unpack more though. Right now all our shit is pretty much in boxes all over the garage. The worst part is the commute to work. School isn't too bad about the same actually except more traffic since I have to take 95. Work however takes about 40 minutes verses 4 mins. It sucks but what can you do.

I've been off work for 2 weeks since I went away. I had three days this week and it was good. I kinda missed it how sad is that... The first night I was back Tony was like I don't want to say this but your good. Katrina is like but you said it. He was like I just don't want to because I like everyone in the cafe but Nicole is the fastest. Katrina was like that's why I try and put her on as much as possible. It's always nice to hear that your hardwork is being noticed. So that part of my life although stressful is good.

I started school this week as well. The way to describe it at the moment is basically fish out of water. I don't think I noticed last year because I hung out with Megan all the time but Barry is friggin clicky. I am so not a fan. Like everyone is always hanging out together with inside jokes infront of the photo lab. Some people I know others I don't. I just feel kind of lost. Sara (advisor) is gone 2 so it's like I'm really alone at that place. My classes are ok. I'm taking Spanish which is a joke. She's a nice lady but doesn't speak english well. She basically just skips around teaching us random things. I have no clue whats going on half the time. I just need to pass that class though since I took it pass/fail. I have Senior Seminar which is stressful. I still have no clue what to do for my show and I'm freaking out about it. I don't think I've ever been this stressed and anxious over such a long period of time. This week has dragged on and it's the first dam week. The only classes and person to make me feel at ease is my art histories. I'm taking Western Art History II and Renaissance Art History with Dan. I've taken so many classes with him and it's so famliar that those 2 hours are the only times I feel better. My last class is the art of web design which I kind of want to kill Sara for signing me up for. All the people are graphic design majors who are clicky and know each other. There are three photo people I think that I don't know well. So yea during our break everyone but the three photo people went outside to chat lol. It was kind of funny. So yea the class in uncomfortable that way but I've already learned something useful the first class. She showed us how to make a website in photoshop. So yea I think the class is going to suck people wise but be good content wise so I'll stick with the awkwardness. Who knows maybe I'll meet people ha.

I miss Megan a lot. I'm just floundering and hating this god forsaken school without her. It blows. Why are all my friends older than me and from different states grrrr.

Ok I need to move onto a lighter topic before I close for bed. Tomorrow we are adopting a Westhighland White Terrier. It's a boy who is 3 years old. He is very cute. This whole finding a dog process has been heartbreaking. I found one on petfinder but he was adopted then I found one I really liked at the shelter and he had a hold on him. I was heartbroken over that one. So then I found this guy at the shelter. I put a hold on him and we can pick him up tomorrow. The only sucky part is my mom has to pick him up because I have to work. So I can't even get to know him right away which blows. I just hope he and bunnie get along. So I will report how it goes next time... and hopefully school gets better.

Mon, Nov. 24th, 2008, 02:42 am

So its been forever because all I do is school work and work. Its crazy. The semester is going pretty well though. I like all my glasses but lightening techinques. I just can't seem to get into any of the projects. I ended up missing a critic as well which has never happened. I still haven't even shot for that yet. We have to do four portraits as well which I'm not happy about at all. I don't want to stress me out. The art histories are going well. I enjoy them and so far I've done good on all the tests. What sucks though is that the finals are on the same day. That is not going to be fun. I also have two papers for those classes I have to get done at some point boo. Political Science is also pretty good. Although the last test was a lot harder than I was expecting. Hopefully I did ok on it. Work has been good. I've been working a lot. It gives me very little time to do anything else.

So I saw Twilight this weekend... twice. Spoilers ahead. I really enjoyed it. I first off loved how it was filmed. IE the colors in it. It was greyed down with vivid greens. I thought it fit the scenory of the book really well. Many may disagree here but I thought the makeup was fine for the characters. I mean the book described them as pale and we got pale. Also the music is love. I loved the soundtrack of course but then I also loved the instramentals so I hope they release one with that or I can find them somewhere. I loved the baseball scene as well. I loved the slow motion and how they filmed it. I thought that scene was great. The ending fight scene was a lot better than the book. I always hated how she fainted and you didn't get to see it. I was so glad she didn't pass out and left us blank. I liked seeing how it played out.

The special effects were eh, but I understand it was a low budget film so what can you do. However I was imagining the glistening off Edward a lot differently... like brighter I guess... then the fast running and jumping through trees was a bit corny. I hated the whole spidermonkey line... where the fuck did that come from. That was probably the only scene that made me cringe. It was also a little choppy and I felt they left out some scenes. Like some of Edward's coyness wasn't there. I think they left out a few scenes of them getting to know each other that could have been really cute.

The characters overall really fit who they played.

Bella- The chick really fit the part. She looked and acted like I imagined in the books. She was awkward yet pretty... Although she looks older than I think Bella is suppose to be... but I suppose anyone would. A few times she was a bit overly awkward... but overall I enjoyed her character.

Edward- I adored Edward and I think I'm slightly in love. The actor fit the part for me very well and he's freaking adorable. Again at times he was slightly more awkward than I imagined but over all again a great performance and he made me drool.

Charlie- A pleasent surprise for me. His character was funny and awkward and I really enjoyed him. He was nothing like I imagined but in this case it worked out better.

Alice- Adorable. I thought she was really cute.

Jasper- Extremely cute my only complaint there is that he didn't get like any lines. He was extremely awkward lol but I guess I love the awkward dudes cuz it worked.

Rosalie- This is gonna sound horrible but she was fatter than I imagined. I guess I just imagined this really skinny modelish blonde chick. Maybe like the girl from 90210. She worked fine just not what I was thinking. Her character was a bit annoying but that wasn't the actresses fault.

Doc. Cullen- Ok not what I was expecting at all. I don't even know what I was imagining but that wasn't it. Again he did fine but I was thinking differently.

Esmne- HATED. I think cuz I've seen this chick on Grey's anatomy and that's all I saw. She wasn't what I pictured at all. I was very disappointed with her.

Emmett- I was picturing him a little bigger and a lot hairer for some reason.

Jacob- I hate his character to be honest. The kid was alright although not a fan of the hair. The girls in the theater were screaming over this guy everytime he came on though. It was insane.

Bella's Friends- Jessica and Mike really fit. Angela I didn't think so at first but she grew on me... eric though wtf nothing like I imagined. I don't think there was a word about a chinese boy in there. I thought they really dropped the ball on that one.

So yea overall the movie was fantastic. I'm glad they are making New Moon... even though New Moon sucks balls and I actually want them to change it a bit.

I did end up finishing Breaking Dawn. I actually enjoyed it although I wasn't expecting much because everyone said how much they hated it. Its farfetched but I think if you read it without taking it too seriously its alright. Yea it could have been better but that's what the writer wanted. Perhaps I will write a longer review another day. Now I must go to bed and i don't feel like spell checking so forgive me. I needs an Edward Icon.

Wed, Aug. 20th, 2008, 03:02 am
A good trip home 13-20

So I think this past week has been a record for me. I haven't been on the net like at all. Just a little bit the last two nights but that's it. I've had a really good time in massachusetts. I'm actually kind of depressed about leaving. I don't really want to go yet. It's been really fun hanging out with everyone... and when I get back school starts on monday so that just makes this even worse.

Wii was a huge hit. Everyone loved it. In face they loved it so much that they ended up going out to buy it. The kicker is its plentiful here... whereas I had to look everywhere! ha. lol. We have been playing a lot of tennis baseball bowling and mario kart. Lots of fun.

My dad and I went to see The Mummy 3. It was good. Not as good as the first two but I wasn't expecting it to be. I just wish they had had the same women actress. I hate when they switch actresses, but what can you do. I think my favorite kind of movie is definitely actionish comedy... otherwise known as pirates mummy movies haha.

I think the best part of the whole thing was that the screen ended up getting stuck as it does sometimes at the movies. So it ended up started like 15 minutes late. So the movie theater ended up giving us two free passes to come back. I was like seriously this would never happen in Miami. So we went to Mirrors today... which was also pretty good.

Lorelei grew up a lot. She's pretty cute for a kid... lol which is saying a lot for me. I think she likes me which is weird to me. She remembered who I am which is also kind of weird. I didn't think I'd make that big an impact haha. Oh well its kinda cute. Don't tell anyone I said so though.

Anyways I got to hang out with Jess and Jamie which was cool. Jess and I went shopping during the day. I found the cutest pair of sandals but they didn't come in my size. They were cheap 2 so that sucked ass. We went to the natick mall which has grown. It looks a lot like Aventura mall now. It has a whole new wing with Nordstrom just like they added in Aventura. After shopping we came back to the house and Jamie came over. We had dinner and played some more wii. Yep we are wii addicted. It was a good time though. Glad they could hang out.

Also went to visit grammie. We didn't stay long because my dad needed to nap. It was good to see her but I kind of hate going to nursing homes. They just creep we out. We also went over my aunts house and had dinner over there. I got to see my cousins who I haven't seen in a while. So it was nice.

I didn't get together with Ari. It didn't work out which sucked. She did call though and we talked for a few hours which was nice. We really need to start calling each other more often.

All in all this trip has been tons of fun... and I'm really depressed about going back for some reason. I don't know why. I love florida and of course I miss my mommy and doggie but I do kind of miss getting together for family things. I always liked to get together and have big family dinners and stuff. Obviously we can't do that in Florida... so I miss it a little. I definitely want to come back sooner than I did this time. I really wish I had come for longer. I kind of just realized this was my last summer to be a kid. Next summer I'll be graduated and need to look for a real job. Boo... yea lets not talk about that so I don't get even more depressed.

In other random news I am almost done with Twilight. I probably would have finished it by now if I had the next book. It was actually pretty good. I read it pretty quick 2... which says a lot since I don't usually finish anything I read. Not that I'm done yet but I only have like 60 pages left or so. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Amanda said that the first book is the best though and that breaking dawn is a little weird. So that is kind of disappointing. I was hoping they got better as they go along. However who knows my opinion might differ from hers. We will wait and see.

Oh and I was reading tv guide and found out Greek starts next week!!! Holy crappers! Yay! Can't wait. Oh and my last bit of news. I've been keeping up with the Olympics on my trip. I'm so glad phelps made his goal. 8 medals so awesome. I'm a little annoyed at gymnastics though. I think the scoring system is so fucked up. We got so screwed on so many things. How does a vault where a girl fell get a medal and when the other chick was pretty perfect didn't. Fucking crazy. I am glad we won the all around even if I wanted Shawn to get it... but at least she got gold for beam. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that its almost over. I'm going to miss my gymnastics and swimming.

And now I suppose I should go to bed. I have to get up kind of early tomorrow. Even though I don't want 2. :( I don't even know how I'm going to sleep tonight I feel so bad.

Wed, Aug. 6th, 2008, 09:08 pm
Fall 2008 TV Schedule

So boredom is making me compile my list of shows for the fall. So here goes.

Gossip Girl (CW) Sept 1 8:00pm
One Tree Hill (CW) Sept 1 9:00pm
Heroes (NBC) Sept 22 9:00pm
Chuck (NBC) Sept 29 8:00pm
Life (NBC) Sept 29 10:00pm

90210 (CW) Sept 2 8:00pm
Privileged (CW) Sept 9 9:00pm
Fringe (FOX) Sept 9 9:00pm
House (FOX) Sept 16 8:00pm

America's Top Model (CW) Sept 3 8:00pm
Knight Rider (NBC) Sept 24 8:00pm
Lipstick Jungle (NBC) Sept 24 10:00pm
Private Practice (ABC) Oct 1st 9:00pm

Supernatural (CW) Sept 18 9:00pm
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept 25 9:00pm

Life (NBC) 10:00pm

Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept 28 9:00pm
Brothers & Sisters (ABC) Sept 28 10:00pm

Wow... I watch too much tv... yea so there was only one conflict with the shows. I was going to try Samatha who but that would be three shows in the 9pm spot on monday. So not going to work... but I'm surprised everything else fit pretty nicely. Is it fall yet?

Wed, Aug. 6th, 2008, 08:48 pm
You suck so passionately

You know House just can pull me outta funk with a five second clip. I was getting bored and depressedest. Then I found a new clip of season five and now I'm all excited instead.


I can't wait. I'm most excited about House out of all the shows. Wilson you can't resign!!! and no you can't walk away! I love House... he's so incredible mean. "Wow your really milking this grieving thing." I've gotta say I agree. It wasn't really House's fault! This better get resolved without Wilson leaving! Or I will be very unhappy. I think House's and Wilson's friendship breaking forever would be completely depressing. Yea so is it september yet?!?! Or even August 19th so I can get last season.

I think I'm going to have to pick and choose what I buy since I want some clothes for school. I already ended up buying those Jessica Simpson shoes. Which are fantastically cute. I also had to buy new headphones because Miss Bunnie ate mine. I found some on ebay though for 10 bucks instead of 30 so at least I saved there. I just hope they come in the mail before I head home next week.

Clothes (before school August 25)
House season 4(August 19)
Gossip Girl season 1(August 19)
Heroes season 2(August 26)
Supernatural season 3(Sept 2)
Forgetting Sarah Marshell (Sept 30)

I think that is all I want for the next few months. House, Clothes, and Forgetting sarah marshell are the must haves. For the others I'll see what I can afford and what I'm most into at the moment.

Everything else has been pretty boring. No work of course till tomorrow. Not getting into it. I can't believe school is starting soon. I'm not even really sure what my schedule is. I ended up changing most of my classes because I changed my mind about the forensics. I still need to pick one more art to do. I should probably do that... oh well not till I come back from mass haha.

Thu, Jul. 31st, 2008, 04:45 pm
Its shoes today.

Ok so today I want shoes, which is so much more me than a book so yea lets stick with shoes. Haha. Ok I thought I was bad... I've finished three books for enjoyment and a bunch for school. Charlie apparently has NEVER read a full book. This is crazy. I didn't realize you could go through life without reading a book. He's smart 2... so this just is baffling me.

Anyways back to my shoes. So yesterday I went out to look for ugly comfy work shoes because my legs have been killing me at work. No luck though. Couldn't find any although I did get some gel bads. So hopefully those will help. I'll be testing them tonight for my four hour shift... before the wonderful 9 hour shift tomorrow.

So yea we went to the mall. At Macy's they had the cutest shoes. I haven't seen a pair of shoes that called to me in a while. They are Jessica Simpson... she actually has some decent taste. I think I might get them when I get my pay check depending on how much I get. I need to get some clothes for school 2 so I will see if I can afford them.

My poor puppy. We had to take her to the vet today because her paws are all red and she's been limping. Apparently she has skin problems. I guess like pimples and shit like humans... they are on her paws. They look painful. They gave us some antibiotics and steroids. So hopefully they heal up soon. I feel so bad for her.

Oh so I forgot to mention when I was watching The Dark Knight... halfway through the movie there was like this spark that went off on the wall. It scared the shit outta me.... I find it funny though that not one of us actually got up to investigate. We looked were like wtf was that... then went back to the movie. There could have been a fire and not one of our asses got up. It did have me pretty nervous though for a while. I kept glancing over there waiting to book it if it caught on fire. Not that I was getting up unless I saw flames dammit. I wanted to see the movie! :P

In tv news... I saw the first five minutes of the premiere of Supernatural... this would be the time to stop reading if you don't want spoilers. Actually I don't usually use cuts on my own journal cuz I figure not many people are reading it lol... but I will put this behind a cut cuz its kinda big... and if I didn't want to be spoiled for supernatural this season I'd be pissed if I ran across it. So one of the only times I'm using a cut... read at your own risk!

Supernatural SpoilersCollapse )

I also saw previews for House..... can't fucking wait! God I can't stand a rift between House and Wilson. It must be fixed!!!!

Gossip Girl... Nate was running around in his boxers... *laughs*

Heroes... looks fantastic. I love villains... thats what this arc is called. Can't wait. They better be bring Nate back though.

Fringe... I am excited about this show. I love Josh Jackson. It looks kind of x-filesy. So I really want this show to succeed.

I think that's all I've seen so far... is it fall yet?

Speaking of fall... *laughing ass off* So yea Barry sent me another letter and they want 1000 dollars by friday. MWUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. Yea ok. Like that's going to happen. Apparently I owe them 3000 dollars... you know even after I supposedly have over the amount of financial aid I need. Not going to happen barry. Nice try. So over that school they've been jerking me around all summer.

And that is all.

Wed, Jul. 30th, 2008, 04:14 pm

So I want to read a book... I know this is a strange occurrence for me... but I've been bored and video games are rotting my brain. I don't tend to read much besides fanfiction. I always get bored half way through. I think I have ADD bookwise. I know I know I work at a bookstore and everything. I've always wished to be the geeky up and knowing book person but seriously I've got book add.

I'm not sure I've ever actually finished a book that wasn't for school now that I think about it. *Ponders* That's sad... Ok wait no no I did finish a whole series now that I think about it. A whole three books! Goo me!!!! It was fantasy... and it had a slash couple now that I think about it haha. Dude is that the only thing that can keep me interested? for real... god I'm shallow haha. I did really like that series though. There must be SOMETHING out there that I'd like.

Any suggestions?????

Books I've tried to read that I can think of off the top of my head but got bored with. Ok all the ones I can remember off the top of my head are movies/shows.

Eragon, I am Legend, Lord of the rings *I know shoot me*, Sex and the city.... Good Omens *Which I think I liked and might have finished... its been a while* Yea thats all I can think of.

I like fantasy... but I also like things like sex and the city... except for the book it was too jumbled for me. Something has to keep my attention!

Anyone got a suggestion? I know its a long shot lol.

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