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Thu, Jul. 31st, 2008, 04:45 pm
Its shoes today.

Ok so today I want shoes, which is so much more me than a book so yea lets stick with shoes. Haha. Ok I thought I was bad... I've finished three books for enjoyment and a bunch for school. Charlie apparently has NEVER read a full book. This is crazy. I didn't realize you could go through life without reading a book. He's smart 2... so this just is baffling me.

Anyways back to my shoes. So yesterday I went out to look for ugly comfy work shoes because my legs have been killing me at work. No luck though. Couldn't find any although I did get some gel bads. So hopefully those will help. I'll be testing them tonight for my four hour shift... before the wonderful 9 hour shift tomorrow.

So yea we went to the mall. At Macy's they had the cutest shoes. I haven't seen a pair of shoes that called to me in a while. They are Jessica Simpson... she actually has some decent taste. I think I might get them when I get my pay check depending on how much I get. I need to get some clothes for school 2 so I will see if I can afford them.

My poor puppy. We had to take her to the vet today because her paws are all red and she's been limping. Apparently she has skin problems. I guess like pimples and shit like humans... they are on her paws. They look painful. They gave us some antibiotics and steroids. So hopefully they heal up soon. I feel so bad for her.

Oh so I forgot to mention when I was watching The Dark Knight... halfway through the movie there was like this spark that went off on the wall. It scared the shit outta me.... I find it funny though that not one of us actually got up to investigate. We looked were like wtf was that... then went back to the movie. There could have been a fire and not one of our asses got up. It did have me pretty nervous though for a while. I kept glancing over there waiting to book it if it caught on fire. Not that I was getting up unless I saw flames dammit. I wanted to see the movie! :P

In tv news... I saw the first five minutes of the premiere of Supernatural... this would be the time to stop reading if you don't want spoilers. Actually I don't usually use cuts on my own journal cuz I figure not many people are reading it lol... but I will put this behind a cut cuz its kinda big... and if I didn't want to be spoiled for supernatural this season I'd be pissed if I ran across it. So one of the only times I'm using a cut... read at your own risk!


It was really bad quality so it was hard to see... but It starts out with Dean climbing out of a grave. Dude the poor guy. I am glad we won't have to wait half the season for Dean to be saved. I like Sam but I don't think he can carry the show by himself... just like I'm not sure Dean could carry it by himself either. Although I'd be more likely to watch just cuz I'm a jensen fan. Anyways. So yea I'm just slightly worried that they are going to "forget" to explain exactly why Dean's back and how. Unlike most of fandom I don't worship Kripke. I think he stumbled upon something fantastic that he doesn't exactly know what to do with half the time. Just my opinion. Hopefully he proves me wrong this season but with his ADD for changing up storylines and conveniently forgetting important plot points I kind of doubt it.

Ok back to the first five minutes it was good overall. Although it was only five minutes haha. I was glad that Dean had a hard time talking at first. I think that's an important little detail. He's been in the ground for four months he must be dang thirsty. It could have been something overlooked. Like I mentioned it was hard to see but Dean looked suspiciously clean... he just dug himself out of a grave. Maybe I missed it but I'm pretty sure he looked kinda perfect... good hair due... cleanish clothes... I think he should have been more grungy. So overall I'm excited... although they can still fuck it up with this new reoccurring character they've got... cuz they never seem to learn from their mistakes, but I'm going to try and remain optimistic as long as possible.

I also saw previews for House..... can't fucking wait! God I can't stand a rift between House and Wilson. It must be fixed!!!!

Gossip Girl... Nate was running around in his boxers... *laughs*

Heroes... looks fantastic. I love villains... thats what this arc is called. Can't wait. They better be bring Nate back though.

Fringe... I am excited about this show. I love Josh Jackson. It looks kind of x-filesy. So I really want this show to succeed.

I think that's all I've seen so far... is it fall yet?

Speaking of fall... *laughing ass off* So yea Barry sent me another letter and they want 1000 dollars by friday. MWUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. Yea ok. Like that's going to happen. Apparently I owe them 3000 dollars... you know even after I supposedly have over the amount of financial aid I need. Not going to happen barry. Nice try. So over that school they've been jerking me around all summer.

And that is all.