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Wed, Aug. 6th, 2008, 08:48 pm
You suck so passionately

You know House just can pull me outta funk with a five second clip. I was getting bored and depressedest. Then I found a new clip of season five and now I'm all excited instead.


I can't wait. I'm most excited about House out of all the shows. Wilson you can't resign!!! and no you can't walk away! I love House... he's so incredible mean. "Wow your really milking this grieving thing." I've gotta say I agree. It wasn't really House's fault! This better get resolved without Wilson leaving! Or I will be very unhappy. I think House's and Wilson's friendship breaking forever would be completely depressing. Yea so is it september yet?!?! Or even August 19th so I can get last season.

I think I'm going to have to pick and choose what I buy since I want some clothes for school. I already ended up buying those Jessica Simpson shoes. Which are fantastically cute. I also had to buy new headphones because Miss Bunnie ate mine. I found some on ebay though for 10 bucks instead of 30 so at least I saved there. I just hope they come in the mail before I head home next week.

Clothes (before school August 25)
House season 4(August 19)
Gossip Girl season 1(August 19)
Heroes season 2(August 26)
Supernatural season 3(Sept 2)
Forgetting Sarah Marshell (Sept 30)

I think that is all I want for the next few months. House, Clothes, and Forgetting sarah marshell are the must haves. For the others I'll see what I can afford and what I'm most into at the moment.

Everything else has been pretty boring. No work of course till tomorrow. Not getting into it. I can't believe school is starting soon. I'm not even really sure what my schedule is. I ended up changing most of my classes because I changed my mind about the forensics. I still need to pick one more art to do. I should probably do that... oh well not till I come back from mass haha.

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