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Mon, Nov. 24th, 2008, 02:42 am

So its been forever because all I do is school work and work. Its crazy. The semester is going pretty well though. I like all my glasses but lightening techinques. I just can't seem to get into any of the projects. I ended up missing a critic as well which has never happened. I still haven't even shot for that yet. We have to do four portraits as well which I'm not happy about at all. I don't want to stress me out. The art histories are going well. I enjoy them and so far I've done good on all the tests. What sucks though is that the finals are on the same day. That is not going to be fun. I also have two papers for those classes I have to get done at some point boo. Political Science is also pretty good. Although the last test was a lot harder than I was expecting. Hopefully I did ok on it. Work has been good. I've been working a lot. It gives me very little time to do anything else.

So I saw Twilight this weekend... twice. Spoilers ahead. I really enjoyed it. I first off loved how it was filmed. IE the colors in it. It was greyed down with vivid greens. I thought it fit the scenory of the book really well. Many may disagree here but I thought the makeup was fine for the characters. I mean the book described them as pale and we got pale. Also the music is love. I loved the soundtrack of course but then I also loved the instramentals so I hope they release one with that or I can find them somewhere. I loved the baseball scene as well. I loved the slow motion and how they filmed it. I thought that scene was great. The ending fight scene was a lot better than the book. I always hated how she fainted and you didn't get to see it. I was so glad she didn't pass out and left us blank. I liked seeing how it played out.

The special effects were eh, but I understand it was a low budget film so what can you do. However I was imagining the glistening off Edward a lot differently... like brighter I guess... then the fast running and jumping through trees was a bit corny. I hated the whole spidermonkey line... where the fuck did that come from. That was probably the only scene that made me cringe. It was also a little choppy and I felt they left out some scenes. Like some of Edward's coyness wasn't there. I think they left out a few scenes of them getting to know each other that could have been really cute.

The characters overall really fit who they played.

Bella- The chick really fit the part. She looked and acted like I imagined in the books. She was awkward yet pretty... Although she looks older than I think Bella is suppose to be... but I suppose anyone would. A few times she was a bit overly awkward... but overall I enjoyed her character.

Edward- I adored Edward and I think I'm slightly in love. The actor fit the part for me very well and he's freaking adorable. Again at times he was slightly more awkward than I imagined but over all again a great performance and he made me drool.

Charlie- A pleasent surprise for me. His character was funny and awkward and I really enjoyed him. He was nothing like I imagined but in this case it worked out better.

Alice- Adorable. I thought she was really cute.

Jasper- Extremely cute my only complaint there is that he didn't get like any lines. He was extremely awkward lol but I guess I love the awkward dudes cuz it worked.

Rosalie- This is gonna sound horrible but she was fatter than I imagined. I guess I just imagined this really skinny modelish blonde chick. Maybe like the girl from 90210. She worked fine just not what I was thinking. Her character was a bit annoying but that wasn't the actresses fault.

Doc. Cullen- Ok not what I was expecting at all. I don't even know what I was imagining but that wasn't it. Again he did fine but I was thinking differently.

Esmne- HATED. I think cuz I've seen this chick on Grey's anatomy and that's all I saw. She wasn't what I pictured at all. I was very disappointed with her.

Emmett- I was picturing him a little bigger and a lot hairer for some reason.

Jacob- I hate his character to be honest. The kid was alright although not a fan of the hair. The girls in the theater were screaming over this guy everytime he came on though. It was insane.

Bella's Friends- Jessica and Mike really fit. Angela I didn't think so at first but she grew on me... eric though wtf nothing like I imagined. I don't think there was a word about a chinese boy in there. I thought they really dropped the ball on that one.

So yea overall the movie was fantastic. I'm glad they are making New Moon... even though New Moon sucks balls and I actually want them to change it a bit.

I did end up finishing Breaking Dawn. I actually enjoyed it although I wasn't expecting much because everyone said how much they hated it. Its farfetched but I think if you read it without taking it too seriously its alright. Yea it could have been better but that's what the writer wanted. Perhaps I will write a longer review another day. Now I must go to bed and i don't feel like spell checking so forgive me. I needs an Edward Icon.